As part of our commitment to providing you with quality dental care, Zama Dental features a state-of-the-art CEREC milling machine. This advanced technology allows our Torrance dentist to design, create, and place restorations in a single visit so that you can leave our office with a renewed smile in significantly less time!

What is CEREC?

Traditional treatment techniques often require a minimum of two visits to our office to complete dental restorations and other treatments. CEREC’s one-visit restoration technology makes it possible for our Torrance dentist and team to reduce your treatment time to a single visit. With CEREC technology, we can create a wide range of restorations more quickly, including dental crowns and dental veneers, and eliminate the need for uncomfortable temporary crowns or veneers, saving you both time and discomfort.

CEREC same-day dentistry involves the use of advanced scanning technology. These scans are used to capture images and create digital impressions and models, eliminating the need for messy impression materials. The digital scans and impressions are used to design your restoration, which is then immediately milled from a block of high-quality porcelain. The final restoration will fit your teeth and smile perfectly to give you back full oral function and a naturally beautiful smile.

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