Here at Zama Dental, we use state-of-the-art technology to provide your care. By combining experience with technology, our dentist and team can ensure that you receive the high-quality, personalized treatments you need to achieve and maintain a healthy mouth and smile.

Dental technology includes not only cutting-edge equipment and tools, but also the materials and treatment techniques we use when providing your care. Each type of technology has its own benefits, and works to make your procedures quicker, more precise and more effective as well as more comfortable. For example, diagnostic technology allows us to view all areas of your mouth with ease and more easily detect developing problems. Other advanced imaging ensures that our dentist and team have a comprehensive understanding of your oral health needs and can provide you with the right type of treatments, or can create precise restorations or oral appliances to improve your smile.

The technologies used in our office include:

Dr. Robert Zama and each member of our team have completed all the necessary training to properly, and safely, utilize the technology in our office.

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