If you are considering orthodontic treatment but do not want to cover up your teeth with brackets and wires, Dr. Robert Zama works with SureSmile to create a personalized Clear Aligners. Sure Smile has more than 20 years of experience in orthodontic treatment and provides predictable, compelling results. Talk to Dr. Robert Zama Zama today about SureSmile Clear Aligners and get the smile you’ve always wanted.

Understanding Invisalign Clear Aligners

Invisalign orthodontic treatment relies on a system of clear plastic aligners. These aligners are custom-made using advanced computer technology, ensuring that they fit perfectly and are comfortable to wear. As you wear your aligners, switching to a new set of aligners every few weeks, your teeth will gradually move into their optimal positions until they are properly aligned. You will meet with our Torrance dentist regularly throughout your treatment to ensure that your smile stays on track.

Who Can Benefit from Invisalign?

Anyone can be a candidate for Invisalign treatment, though it is especially popular among teenagers and adult professionals, as it both discreet and effective. Invisalign clear aligners can treat all the same issues as traditional orthodontics, including:

  • Crowded and crooked teeth
  • Gapped and spaced teeth
  • Malocclusion or bad bites (including crossbites, overbites, underbites and open bites)

Benefits of Invisalign aligners include:

  • A nearly invisible treatment
  • Removable aligners that allow you to maintain good oral hygiene and eat whatever you would like
  • No metal brackets or wires
  • Custom-made aligners that are comfortable and will not irritate your mouth

Your treatment process begins with a consultation, during which our Torrance dentist will discuss your oral health and orthodontic needs with you to determine if Invisalign treatment is a good option for you. If it is, then we will take digital scans and map out your treatment plan, including simulating what your final result will look like. Your aligners will be created, and you can begin your journey to a properly aligned smile.

You will need to wear your aligners for 20 to 22 hours each day to keep your treatment progressing. While the aligners are removable, we recommend that you only take them out to eat, drink, brush and floss. We also recommend that you clean your aligners regularly, as dirty aligners can cause your teeth to appear stained, discolored or even dirty.

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